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When I was 12 years old I started out as a Dj with a couple of friends from my home town, We were called the Ganja Brothers. At age 14 I went playing at Mega Bass Disco and there i found the base to go out en DJ at some Major Party’s. Also at that time I signed myself up to a Dee-jay contest and I came out as the second runner up, Well I kept on playing at that Mega disco until I was 18 years old, then I met DJ Amos He was at that time a DJ from “The Ruthless Deejayz” and they made me an offer to play together with them. But after a while “the Ruthless Deejayz” split up and Dj Amos and me went just on playing with each other under our own names (Dj Amos and Dj Myron) Together we’ve had great success like for instant: Party’s at Peter Stuyvesant College and Mambo Beach and with my 19 years old I became the local steady DJ for Club Havana Curacao. When I was 21 years old I moved to The Netherlands to study and there I went out and played in a bar called “The Aloha Beachbar”. After 2 years of playing at Aloha I got an offer to play in Germany and that was basically the time that my International carriere started in Europe but in the meanwhile I also played at several party’s in the Netherlands and that’s how I could lay some important contacts with several Deejays and organisations where I till this day on still play for. And through those contacts I met an important friend to me, he believed in me by letting me play at his party’s eventhough I wasn’t known or familiar at all,and through him I got the chance to play in Poland.
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